Cobra Track

A neat telematics system with these useful Security Features:

Emergency call service (eCall) - On the road protection by 24/7 Secure Operations Centre (SOC)

  • Crash detection & alert - In case of a crash above 2G force, crash alert is sent from the device (push & email)
  • eCall ADR - Automatic crash alert with driver recognition and fast response. In case of a crash above 2G force, device will automatically send crash alert and driver's Smartphone app will inform SOC the actual driver's contact number. SOC will immediately call the driver if any assistance is required.
  • bCall ADR - Press button for SOC to call-back actual driver’s smartphone for fast roadside assistance

Security - By 24/7 Secure Operations Centre (SOC)

  • Stolen vehicle tracking (SVT)Primary device for stolen vehicle tracking
  • Stolen vehicle recovery (SVR)Primary / Secondary anti-scan device with 3 telco SIM for stolen vehicle recovery
  • Battery cutIf vehicle battery is disconnected, alert is sent (push & email)
  • SabotageIf device is disconnected, alert is sent (push & email)
  • ON/OFF Secure mode smart alarmEnable Smart alarm to protect vehicle. Alarm will be set within 5 mins and you will receive an alert when an event is triggered from device e.g. if vehicle is started or towed (push & email)
  • Theft compensation guaranteeProtect loss of NCD from theft claim (Cash compensation if stolen vehicle is not recovered within 72 hours)

VIP Assist

  • Unlimited towingUnlimited towing to any authorised workshop nationwide in case of flood, breakdown or accident
  • Repair on siteUp to RM300 free labour in case of flat tyre change, battery jump start/replacement, out of fuel delivery...
  • Accident transport allowanceUp to RM2,000 in case of accident repair at an authorised workshop

Smartphone App - My Connex

  • Device health check
  • Add cars
  • Help button
  • Real-time tracking
  • Last parked location
  • Map choices
  • Automatic driver recognition (ADR)
  • Secure mode smart alarm
  • eCall & bCall ADR
  • Driving score
  • Trip review
  • Speed alert

Fleet management via Web and Online monitoring app (optional)

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