eCall - Emergency Call System

Microtag is a wire-free, self-powered device paired with an intelligent app to automatically detect a crash and send alert for FAST emergency response services. In an accident, every second counts.

Time Saved = Lives Saved
eCall ADR
(Automatic Driver Recognition - Automatic Crash Alert & Fast Response)

In case of a severe accident, Microtag paired with the app will automatically send crash alert and driver's mobile app will inform SOC the actual driver's contact number. SOC will immediately call the actual driver if any assistance is required. If driver did not response to the call, SOC will call MERS 999 to dispatch the nearest emergency response vehicles to the actual crash location as fast as possible.

bCall ADR
Request for Fast Roadside or Medical Assistance

In case of a vehicle breakdown or emergency assistance, press the SOS button to send SOS alert and driver's mobile app will inform SOC the actual driver's contact number. SOC will immediately call the actual driver to verify the assistance required.

Proactive Safety
To prevent accident with Safe Driving Alert features

Phone Distraction Alert - Microtag will beep 2 times to alert you if you use your phone while driving.

Speed limit Alert - You can set speed limit on the App. Microtag will beep 1 time to alert you if speed limit is exceeded.

Microtag eCall App

Download My Connex App from App Store or Google Play Store

  • ADR - Bluetooth pairing with Microtag for Automatic Driver Recognition.
  • Add drivers * - Add as many drivers for eCall and bCall ADR services.
  • Add cars - Use the same app to pair with different Microtag on different cars.
  • Locate car - Locate the last paired location between the app and Microtag e.g. your last parked location.
  • Trip Review - Review previous trips with driving score based on phone distraction & driving style e.g. speeding, harsh braking and cornering.
  • Microtag low battery alert - in case the battery is low, you will receive a notification to replace the battery.
  • Incident reports * - View accident report online to help you make a police report in case of accident and check online the number of roadside assistance rendered.

* These features are not available in added drivers app

Device includes 1ST YEAR service:
Service fee 2ND YEAR onwards per month/year:
RM15/month or

All service fees are subject to 8% service tax. All features and descriptions are subject to change without prior notice.

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

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Microtag eCall VIP Assist*

Unlimited towing
In case of vehicle breakdown due to accident or flood damage, customer can request for tow truck to tow the vehicle to the customer's preferred workshop anywhere in Malaysia e.g. from Penang to Johor Bahru without any charge.

Repair on site
In case of vehicle breakdown due to flat tyre, out of fuel or flat battery, customer can request for service vehicle to provide roadsite assistance up to RM300 FREE labour charge.

Transport reimbursement
Up to RM1,500 in case of accident repair at car workshop. Valid only when Microtag eCall app is paired with Mirotag at the time of accident.

CoverBox VIP Assist is complimentary when you subscribe Microtag eCall with CoverBox.
Terms & conditions apply.